Current Update 4/6/2021

Starting at around 11 PM on Sunday (4/4/21), the HostVenom/Ready2Frag/WinterNode network in Chicago began to experience widespread DDoS attacks against hundreds of our IPs. Shortly after, as the attack ramped up in size and scope, users began to experience packet loss and temporary disconnections. The attacks quickly ramped up over our mitigation ... Read More »

6th Apr 2021
603-03 Switch Replacement

We have scheduled a switch replacement for customers with server IDs beginning with "**603-03**". Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2021 Start Time: 10:00 AM CT (GMT -5) End Time: 12:00 PM CT (GMT -5) **Maintenance Scope:** Network Connectivity for Server IDs beginning with "**603-03**" **Customer Impact:** There will be a period of traffic ... Read More »

22nd Mar 2021
2/15/2021 - Planned Switch Replacement

On Monday (2/15) between 7 AM and 9 AM CST, we will be replacing one of our redundant aggregate switches. While we don't necessarily expect any downtime, this serves as a warning for potential extremely short-term downtime during that time period. Most likely, this would manifest itself as a brief drop.

12th Feb 2021
12.18.2020 - Emergency Maintenance Notification - 603

Emergency Maintenance Notification We will be performing an upgrade of software on our Core Routers in chi1, our 603 deployment. This update will take place starting at 9:55 AM EST. While we do maintain redundant infrastructure, and no impact is expected, we are making this announcement out of an abundance of caution. Updates will be posted ... Read More »

18th Dec 2020
Our Next Generation Chicago Network is Live

For the majority of this year, we have been working on a major update and upgrade to our network infrastructure in West Chicago. Today, we're officially releasing details and new AMD Ryzen stock to the public. UNBEATABLE. As the only Chicago-area provider to offer 30Gbps and 30MPPS of DDoS mitigation included with every service, we’re already ... Read More »

19th Sept 2020
Steadfast Networks (Chi725) Outage

  At this point in time, the network issues at our Steadfast Networks deployment (725 S. Wells) deployment has been resolved. This issue began at 11:05 PM EST on 9/18/2020 and affected Steadfast's entire Chicago network.  This impact affected some of our control panels, websites, and certain customers with server IDs XX-XX. This issue did not ... Read More »

19th Sept 2020
Chicago Network Maintenance (CHI2, DDoS Protected Network @ CHI1)

Chicago Network Maintenance   We have scheduled maintenance to make upgrades prior to increasing our network capacity.   Date: Wednesday, March 25th, 2020 Start Time: 3:00 AM CDT (GMT -5) End Time: 4:00 AM CDT (GMT -5)   Maintenance Scope: Chicago Facility (CHI2, DDoS Protected Network @ ... Read More »

23rd Mar 2020
February 26, 2020 Chicago Network Maintenance (CHI2 and DDoS Protected Network)

Chicago Network Maintenance We have scheduled maintenance to upgrade the software of our core routing devices. Date: Wednseday, Feburary 26th, 2020 Start Time: 3:00 AM CDT (GMT -5) End Time: 4:00 AM CDT (GMT -5) Maintenance Scope: Chicago Facility (CHI2, DDoS Protected Network @ CHI1) Customer Impact: Brief network interruptions may occur while ... Read More »

23rd Feb 2020
Facilities Issue 10/4/17

Update as of 10/4/17We take uptime very seriously and were actively investigating the issue that occurred today immediately. We are awaiting further information from our upstream provider about what happened at their facility today and will provide further updates here as soon as we have them.At this point, all services should be restored and all ... Read More »

4th Oct 2017
Affiliate Program Update

We know that referrals are the best compliment a client can provide and we've been working to increase the value our customers receive for helping us. Effective today, we are now offering a 30% (up from 10%) one-time commission on referred clients after their second month of service. Please take a look at our Affiliate Program outline and FAQ ... Read More »

13th Aug 2017

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