Affiliate Program

How does the Affiliate Program work?

We believe that a referral is the best compliment a client can provide, so we are providing an incentive for our customers to refer others to us! Customers with an active service who refer new clients will receive a one-time commission of 15% after the referred client pays for their second month of service. The commission can be paid out as an account credit at any time or via Paypal after $25 has been accumulated. 

How can I sign up?

From our client portal, you can go to the "Affiliate" tab or click here. Follow the sign-up instructions and you'll be on your way to earning credit for your referrals!

What products are eligible?

Our dedicated servers, single server colocation, and any VPS package are eligible for commission. 

The fine print: 

The "affiliate" agrees to our Terms of Services found at 
You must maintain an eligible active service to be eligible for commission. 
Not all products are eligible, for a complete list of ineligible products please contact us. 
Our affiliate program and the terms which apply to affiliates are subject to change.

Last updated 8/13/2017
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