IP Justification

We provide the following IP allocations with services for no additional cost, we may, however, request documentation to ensure that these IP allocations are efficiently used.

Initial Included Service Allocation
Service IPv4 IPv6
Dedicated Servers /29 IPv4 (5 Usable IPv4 Addresses) /64
Single Server Colocation /29 IPv4 (5 Usable IPv4 Addresses) /64
Full Rack Colocation /29 IPv4 (253 Usable IPv4 Addresses) /48

Additional IP allocations are available and subject to additional fees. Contact sales for information about available allocations, and the pricing. 

When requesting additional IP space, we will require the following justification be completed and provided to us. Justifications are subject to verification and approval. Subsequent allocation requests may re-use the existing justification, however, documentation may be requested to demonstrate that 80% of the previously allocated address space has been efficiently used. 

Client Name:
Email Address:

IP Address Allocation Requested:

IP Allocation currently in use today:

IP Utilization Estimate (Immediate):
IP Utilization Estimate (3 Month):
IP Utilization Estimate (6 Month):

Detail your current IP usage (if any). You may wish to create a seperate spreadsheet for this:

IP Address                     Company or Customer                     Use                                  Example Company                                        Virtual Server
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