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Self Managed
We provide hardware and network support related to each direct client's service functioning. We do not offer OS or Software support of any kind, including any software or operating systems selected on the order form. 

Hardware Support - Troubleshooting issues that are the result of the system's hardware. 

Network Support - Troubleshooting connectivity issues between our network and the internet. 

Neither Hardware or Network Support includes assistance with any issues that are identified to be local (eg issues within a VPS, or with installed software). Our support team may assist users, however, all assistance is provided on a best effort basis. For additional assistance please stick to one of our managed plans. 

Managed Updates & Anti Virus
We will install our management agent, and provide automatic Windows Updates outsides of business hours. In addition, we will install and monitor Anti-Virus. Customizations can be made to the update schedule and AV scan schedule. 

Fully Managed (8x5)
We will provide support for your Windows Server, including any applications with an active support contract (best effort). Our fully managed package includes managed updates and anti-virus, and our support team will be available to provide assistance Monday to Friday 9 AM CST to 5 PM CST, excluding holidays. Support outsides these hours will done on a best effort basis. 

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