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Current Update 4/6/2021

  • Tuesday, 6th April, 2021
  • 17:33pm

Starting at around 11 PM on Sunday (4/4/21), the HostVenom/Ready2Frag/WinterNode network in Chicago began to experience widespread DDoS attacks against hundreds of our IPs. Shortly after, as the attack ramped up in size and scope, users began to experience packet loss and temporary disconnections.

The attacks quickly ramped up over our mitigation capacity and, as is standard operating procedure, we began to nullroute certain non-critical IPs to help mitigate the attack.

Normally, a nullroute helps protect the network at large, but requires both "parties" to honor the nullroute. Certain large-scale hosting and networking providers, as we quickly found out, do not honor nullroutes and keep sending traffic regardless.

Our network has been under constant attack for well over 24 hours now, all at significantly above our advertised mitigation capacity.

As the attacks are ongoing, our team is hard at work behind the scenes to ensure our network at large remains accessible to our valued customers and to your users, players, and members. We know these attacks affect you and your businesses. Please know we are monitoring and proactively addressing the situation.

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